About Raz Khooshe Tak: A Decade of Raisin Excellence

For over a decade, Raz Khooshe Tak has been at the forefront of the raisin industry, dedicated to crafting raisins of exceptional quality. Our journey began with a vision to provide premium raisins sourced from the rich agricultural heritage of Iran, and we've consistently delivered on that promise.

Exporting Quality to the World: Raz Khooshe Tak's Global Presence

With a commitment to excellence that knows no borders, Raz Khooshe Tak proudly exports its superior raisins to numerous countries worldwide. This international reach is a testament to the trust our partners and customers place in us. From the sun-drenched vineyards of Takestan to the fertile fields of Malayer, our raisins carry with them the essence of our dedication to quality.

Precision and Innovation: Raz Khooshe Tak's Competitive Edge

Raz Khooshe Tak sets itself apart with an unwavering commitment to precision and innovation. Embracing cutting-edge technology, we employ advanced color sorting and X-ray inspection to ensure that every raisin meets the highest standards of quality and safety. This technological advantage allows us to consistently deliver raisins that surpass industry norms.

Certified Quality You Can Trust: Raz Khooshe Tak's Compliance with International Standards

At Raz Khooshe Tak, we adhere to strict certifications and industry standards, reflecting our dedication to providing raisins that are not only delicious but also safe and wholesome. Our commitment to quality is reinforced by our compliance with international food safety and quality management systems, including [mention specific certifications if applicable].

Vision and Mission: Pioneering the Future of Raisin Production

Looking ahead, Raz Khooshe Tak envisions itself as a beacon of quality, representing the best of Iranian agriculture. We aim to expand our reach, introduce new products, and continue pioneering advancements in raisin production. Our ultimate goal is to be the first choice for consumers seeking the finest raisins, both in Iran and around the world.

Hamid Masoumi


Hamid Masoumi, the CEO of Rose Khoshtaak Company, has completed his education at Iran University of Science and Technology. He is currently responsible for managing this company. Hamid Masoumi has years of experience in the production and supply of various raisins, and this profession has been inherited from his family. This company has been able to establish exports to various countries, including Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, and other countries.

With his technical and specialized knowledge in the field of raisin production, Masoumi has been able to comply with international standards and produce high-quality and marketable products for export to target countries.

With his experience and expertise in this industry, Hamid Masoumi has been able to form a team of experienced and dedicated experts and employees and, with effective leadership, improve production processes and increase efficiency in his company.

Due to the successful performance of Rose Khoshtaak Company under the leadership of Hamid Masoumi, he has gained attention as a dedicated and specialized manager by other companies and organizations.

Over the years, Masoumi has been able to identify new markets and expand business internationally through appropriate business strategies. By analyzing the market and customer needs, he continuously improves his products and maximizes customer satisfaction by providing quality services.

With his experience and technical knowledge, Hamid Masoumi has been able to establish long-term and sustainable relationships with his customers. As a strong and experienced leader, he has turned his team into a united and coordinated unit.

Masoumi is a creative entrepreneur who is always seeking new opportunities and innovations in the raisin industry. By using modern and up-to-date technologies, he constantly strives to offer a high-quality product at an affordable price.

In the future, he plans to expand Rose Khoshtaak Company as one of the top producers and exporters of raisins in the world. He intends to achieve success in the industry by expanding target markets, establishing new trade relationships, and providing extensive support to customers in the face of competitive challenges.